Homecoming Mums 2017

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Choose your mum size: Garter ($45): includes a garter band attached, a 4” mum, and ribbons. Usually given to boys. Medium ($50): includes 4” flower and about 12” long ribbons. Usually given to friends or spirit girls. Large ($90): includes 6” flower and about 18” long ribbons. Usually given to girlfriends or homecoming dates.
Center of Mum *
Select which (if any) object you would like in the center of the flower on the head of the mum. If other or if you have a specific request for a trinket in the center of the mum, leave a comment in the section below.
Select and activities that the recipient is involved in. If Other, specify in the additional comment section below.
Please let me know any specifics you would like included in the mum (specific trinkets, player numbers, etc) or any additional requests you may have. Some requests may cause price to increase, but you will be notified ahead of time. If the mum is FROM a football player, please include his number. Thanks!