Frequently asked questions


Portrait FAQs

How does the session process work? 

There are two parts with the typical booking. Before we ever meet to take your pictures, we will chat, in-person or over email, about what you are looking for in your session. Is there any thing specific or special you want to do? What do you plan to use the images for? Is there a specific look you’d prefer the images to have? This allows me (and you) to be sure we know what we’re looking for going into you shoot. 

Next we’ll meet for the shoot! This is the fun part. We’ll meet at an agreed upon location (or locations) and take your pictures! 

A few weeks after the shoot will be the viewing and ordering session. At the viewing appointment you will be presented with a slideshow of your images on a large projector screen in your home! During that time, I will help you narrow down the choices to your favorites with a specifically designed software and help you select the images you want to use to create an art piece for your home. At this appointment, I can show you the actual size of enlargements, show them on your own walls and create custom collages or graphic design. 

I highly suggest selecting to create a custom collection. This includes the digital files for every image from your shoot and at least one art piece of your choice (canvas, collages, framed prints, or albums). (There are a la carte options available as an alternative).


Why prints? Why not just digital images? 

Prints are archival. They last forever, just like the memories those photographs preserve. There’s nothing like holding your photographs and seeing them in person rather than on a screen. I want you to be able to really experience those photographs to their fullest and enjoy them they way you deserve to enjoy them. I want you to have the best version of your images and by ordering prints through me, as opposed to a quick service, I can do that for you. I promise, it is worth it! 


Is there still a digital option? 

Of course! Digital is still a big deal. Being able to easily share your photographs with friends and family online is a huge bonus to digital photography. When you purchase your digital files through a custom collection, I will include perfectly-sized images for online sharing on Facebook, Instagram, or your other favorite social media. 


Where will my shoot be?

I work on location, meaning I don’t have a studio. This gives us a variety of options to work with! If you have any preferred locations, just let me know. If not, I’ll be more than happy to suggest some. We can even create beautiful images in your very own backyard! Even if you don’t think your backyard is all that great, there will definitely be some spots to work with.


What props can I bring?

Anything! We will discuss this beforehand, but you can bring any props you feel would enhance your images or session. Athletes might want to bring a prop that correlates to their sport, musicians might want to bring an instrument. Anything is worth a try!


Can I bring dogs?

Please! I love dogs and I love photographing them, especially with their people. They’re the perfect icebreakers. If you do want to bring your dog, just let me know before hand so I can be prepared. Also, be sure to bring an extra person to hold on to the dog while they aren't being photographed them in the shoot.


What should I wear? 

Keep it simple! In photographs, simple works best. Solid colors, or even subtle patterns are going to photograph best. Avoid shirts with phrases or large logos as they can take away from the point of the images - YOU! 

For families, you may find that you want to coordinate without going too matchy-matchy. Picking a general color scheme and finding coordinating outfits will look great in photographs without being overwhelmingly identical. But if you want identical, go for it! It's completely up to you. 


How many outfits do I need?

Bring as many as you’d like! We may not use them all depending on our location, but having options and variety is a definite plus! 

Bringing things such as letter jackets or jerseys that would be a quick change is a good time saver if you are looking for a quick session (and encouraged!). 


Can I bring other people with me? 

Yes! In fact, for individual shoots, you should bring at least one other person with you. Maybe not an entire entourage, but a parent, siblings, or even a friend can be great help in making you feel comfortable and natural. I can put them to work making you smile and playing assistant! 

For senior sessions, a parent is required in almost all cases. This policy is for everyone's safety and will help to ensure you (the parent) has a general idea of what to expect and can have a say in the types of images we are getting. 


I’m not a senior or a family! What do I book?

The sessions are merely guidelines. Contact me if you have any questions and we can schedule you a custom session for your
specific purpose. 


Do you do weddings?

Maybe. It depends on the size of your wedding and how you’d like it shot. Wedding photography is an incredibly specialized discipline and I don’t have much experience in the field. Booking the right photographer is SO important to capturing your special day, since there are no do-overs! If you are interested, please contact me so we can chat about the details.